Why Choose an A+ Certified Agency

A+ Certified agencies undergo verification, are required to submit an-annual disclosure, and are subject to on-site and surprise audits. We only award the A+ Certification to agencies that meet our Standards.

Home Care You Can Trust
With so many home care choices, the Home Care Standards Bureau makes it easier to choose a home care agency you can trust. HCSB A+ Certified home care agencies are held to the highest standards in providing quality home care aides, homemaker services, and companion services in the client’s home.Care you can trust

What our A+ Certified Means to You
Agencies that are A+ Certified from the Home Care Standards Bureau (HCSB) are continuously audited to maintain their certification and undergo scheduled and unannounced on-site visits. This means that your loved ones are being provided quality care by a home care agency that requires caregiver multi-tiered background checks annual caregiver education, and a motor vehicle policy that caregivers with vehicles have a clean driving record and proper insurance.

View the Home Care Standards Bureau Code of Standards and Ethics (PDF)

Agency Requirements

  • The agency must be fully and properly licensed by applicable state and federal regulatory organizations.
  • The agency must complete and submit an annual disclosure form to the HCSB compliance department.
  • The agency must have on staff or an affiliated person qualified in the field of aging that meets the HCSB requirements.
  • The agency owner or an affiliated must have been in the paying home care business for at least one year.
  • The agency must have no unresolved complaints with state licensing agencies.
  • The agency must agree to abide by and sign the HCSB Regulatory Board Code of Standards and Ethics.
  • The agency must agree to both scheduled and unannounced on-site audits.

Agency Caregiver Requirements:

  • Agencies must have a multi-tiered Background Check Policy for all caregivers employed or contracted by the agency.
  • Agencies must have a Motor Vehicle Policy in place to ensure caregivers are licensed and insured if using transportation for the agency.
  • Agency caregivers (employed or contracted by the agency) must be proficient in the language of the population being served.
  • All caregivers undergo the following for the agency to maintain their A+ Certification:
  1. Pass caregiver training and exams within the first five months of obtaining the A+ certification or pass an exam that demonstrates competency.
  2. At least 90% of all caregivers must be W2 employees and must have all applicable licenses.

Home is not only where the heart is, but where our minds feel most at peace and our bodies feel most at rest. Home Care Standards Bureau’s mission is to help people make the most informed decision regarding home care for their loved ones, and provide guidance for families and discharge planners considering non-medical home care local agencies.

HCSB certifies home care agencies on a stringent set of criteria set by our regulatory board. Only those agencies that meet those standards earn the A+ certification. HCSB requires an annual disclosure statement from the agencies and performs both planned and surprise audits to ensure that the agencies are meeting, or exceeding, those high standards.

The Bloomberg Article that is referenced in the video can be read here. Link to the Special Committee on Aging referenced in this video.