Organically Kind People, it’s in our logo but What does that really mean?

It means at Ela Home Care we only hire those who we know are truly kind at their core, who do the right thing as a default. The kind of person we would want taking care of our loved ones. Everyone at Ela from office staff to caregivers must meet this simple yet often overlooked quality. It is the foundation on top of which we layer our first class training and ultimately what makes the difference between good and great, between average and exceptional and between a caregiver and an Ela Home Care Specialist.

Our Services:

  • Live in Caregiver – Let our Ela Homecare Specialists handle everything for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Senior Homecare – From Companionship, Meal Preparation, Homecare and more Ela is there.
  • Veterans Homecare – America’s Finest have earned the best, Ela Home Care is proud to serve our Veterans.

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