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Care To Be Home

Care To Be Home was created with the goal of doing better for our Seniors. We will provide the best services, with the best caregivers, at competitive prices. Our management team has a combined 50 years of experience working with seniors. Experience ranges from sales to administration and ownership positions within Home care, Home Health, Hospice, Medical Practice, and Hospital Administration. We strive daily to innovate and to create a company that is cutting edge in the industry and a leader in customer service. We have a goal to develop programs that will improve the care our clients receive and make home care more accessible for all seniors.

To assist the disabled and elderly population in maintaining an independent lifestyle in the comfort of their own homes. To offer quality non-medical care services, programs, and products, to ensure and maintain our clients dignity, safety, and privacy and to build confidence and good health.

Care To Be Home takes pride in knowing that we hire some of the best caregivers available in the Las Vegas market. Focusing on individuals who desire to serve and provide great service to others as well as who are honest, respectful, and capable of providing the needed care required.

Through our many years of experience in the Senior Care industry and Financial Services Industry we understand that our clients expect our caregivers to be trustworthy, capable, and consistent. These three qualities and many others are sought after when interviewing and training our caregivers. We want to make sure that any experience with a Care To Be Home caregiver is a good one.


RESPITE CARE: Taking care of an elderly or disabled loved one brings many rewards to both the caregiver and the recipient, but often times it can take a toll on the primary caregiver. Care To Be Home’s Respite Program allows for temporary relief from caring for individuals with various needs.

COMPANION CARE: Companion care provides support to seniors that are fairly independent but require just a little more. Often times our companions find themselves providing lifestyle assistance, like driving to appointments, shopping, errands, and escorting to social engagements.

PERSONAL CARE: The activities of daily living that each of us do everyday can often times be taken for granted when we are young and healthy. As we age personal hygiene and other activities can become more difficult to complete on our own.

HOSPICE SUPPORT SERVICES: Dealing with a loved one on Hospice/Palliative Care can be stressful for any family. Care To Be Home offers Hospice Support Services to allow you to take a break, sleep, or ensure that your loved one is as comfortable as possible.

CONCIERGE SERVICES: Care To Be Home tries hard to provide the best service we can to each and every client we service. Our goal is to be a one stop shop when it comes to helping our clients. We work with partners in many areas that we would be happy to recommend.

TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANCE: The caregivers at Care To Be Home want to make sure that you are able to get where you want to go when you want to get there. Our caregivers can pick you up in their vehicle or yours. Once at your destination, the caregiver will stay and assist you and then return you home safely when you are finished.

DISCHARGE STABILITY: Coming home from the hospital or nursing facility can be an exciting moment but also a scary one. Our caregivers can provide support to help ensure your success as you return back to your home.

For more information, please visit our website: https://caretobehome.com/