Amada Senior Care Los Angeles and Pasadena HCO#194700705

As the owners of Amada Senior Care Los Angeles and Pasadena, Patrick, Christy and Richard D. Babcock, Ph.D., have set a new standard of care for the seniors in Pasadena, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, San Fernando Valley, and other nearby communities. As a team, they have experience supporting those with developmental disabilities and specially challenged individuals. We are uniquely qualified to provide in-home care and consultation.

Patrick Babcock “grew up” in the human services industry, having a father who has always served those with disabilities and special needs. His bachelor’s degree and experience led him to follow a service vocation in similar fashion. Christy Babcock, his spouse, also possesses a bachelor’s degree and her experience in finance makes her a valuable resource in human relations and financial planning for long-term care. Richard D. Babcock, Ph.D. has dedicated his life to serving those with special needs, disabilities and aging. An experienced administrator, he is most knowledgeable about independent living and in-home support that allows people to live outside of congregate settings and enjoy a greater quality of life.

The entire team at Amada Los Angeles and Pasadena understands all the challenges that arise when navigating the senior care continuum. Seniors and their families know they can rely on team members to nurture, support and guide them through the care process. Each member of the Amada Los Angeles and Pasadena team is dedicated to doing everything we can to ensure the seniors in Los Angeles and the Greater Pasadena area are not only safe and comfortable but are thriving. This means going above and beyond traditional caregiving duties and taking steps to ensure clients feel special every day. Our goal is to provide comprehensive senior care and support to our clients, as well as their loved ones.

Services include:

  • Long Term Care Insurance Claims Advocacy
  • Professional Caregivers 24/7
  • Personalized Care Plans
  • Social Interaction
  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Bathing & Hygiene Assistance
  • Transportation and Errands

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