Friends of the Family Logo_Monore MI_Lafontaine LOGOFriends of the Family in Monroe, Michigan is A+ Rated per the HCSB standards.  The question on many people’s minds is when to use Friends of the Family.  This is a transition in your life where you need support. Here are some examples and situations where Friends of the Family is able to lend that helping hand.  Find out more about Friends of the Family Monroe, MI here.



  • Preventing early institution of your loved one.
  •  Discharged from a nursing home or hospital.A+ Rated
  •  Extra care for a loved one in any care facility.
  •  Additional health care and support.
  •  Companionship or help with certain tasks.
  •  Dementia/Alzheimer’s and when you are worried about wandering/injuries.
  •  Special equipment or supplies to make your home a safer place to live.