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If you’ve been searching for senior home care services in the Kennewick area, you can turn to Amada Senior Care. We’re committed to helping our clients by providing comprehensive support. If you or a loved one could use personalized assistance with hygiene, bathing, household errands, or any other daily living activity, we can be there for you. We specialize in managing long-term care insurance claims as well as in coordinating coverage under veterans’ pension plans like the Aid and Attendance benefit.

Building Relationships

We enjoy the work that we do, and we take pride in being able to give members of our community a way to continue to live independently at home. We want our clients to feel comfortable having us in their homes, and we always aim to keep them at ease. Establishing a strong rapport with each person we serve is a critical part of what we do.


Amada Senior Care is committed to enriching lives by providing nurturing, compassionate non-medical in-home care and by guiding families through the many senior housing options available for assisted living and care homes. Healthcare professionals and families look to Amada to help them navigate the complexities of the senior care system.


  • General Home Care – At Amada Senior Care, our clients come first. We make it a priority to look after them, and we make sure we address any issues as they arise. Our clients in the Kennewick area have come to rely on our in-home care providers. Whatever your situation may be, we’ll aim to give you greater peace of mind. To facilitate communication with your senior family member or loved one, we have an online portal so that you can keep in touch with them.
  • Long Term Care Insurance Claims – When you’re trying to navigate the world of long-term care insurance, the process can be complex. The team at Amada Senior Care in Kennewick, WA, is here to act as your guide if you’d like our help. One of our representatives can go over your options with you, and we can gladly set aside time to answer any questions you have.
  • Senior Housing Options – Have you ever wondered what Medicare covers versus what you pay privately? Not knowing the complexities of Medicare can be costly. Understanding the available payment options and obligations for elder care services is critical. Let us explain the basics.

Veterans Assistance Programs

Four Main Points of Aid and Attendance Eligibility:

1. Military Service
Veteran must have served 90 days of active duty with at least one day during period of war.
Must have anything but dishonorable discharge.
2. Personal Care Needs
Claimant must currently need assistance from another person with daily living activities.
Daily living activities can include eating, bathing, dressing, walking, and cognitive impairment.
3. Income
Claimant must currently be spending the majority of their income on care expenses.
How much of their income they spend on care determines how much of the benefit they will receive; up to the maximum amount.
4. Assets
The claimant’s assets must be below an amount determined by the VA.
The amount of assets that a claimant is allowed to have is determined by their age and financial need.
What This Benefit Can do for You:

It allows you more financial flexibility when deciding on the most appropriate care for your needs.

You can now afford more home care or the community of your choice.
The benefit will be paid monthly and will never need to be paid back as long as you maintain eligibility.
Like Social Security, this benefit is dependable and is paid directly to you by the United States Treasury.
This benefit is also tax free.

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